Contact and logistic


Vŕšok 234
97645 Osrblie
Slovenská Republika

Map: 48°45’26.0″N 19°31’33.0″E
48.757222, 19.525833


Travelling to the competition venue
by plain ‐ airport Bratislava (250 km), Poprad (90
km), Košice (140 km), Budapest/HUN (180 km),
Vienna/AUT (280 km)
by railway ‐ railway station Brezno, Podbrezová or
Banská Bystrica, transport to accreditation and
accommodation place provides organiser.
by road ‐ from Austria, direction Vienna‐Bratislava‐
Nitra‐Banská Bystrica‐Brezno
‐ from Czech Republic, direction Bratislava‐Nitra‐
Banská Bystrica‐Brezno
or direction Trenčín‐Žiar n/Hronom‐Banská
or direction Žilina‐Martin‐Banská Bystrica‐Brezno
‐ from Hungary, direction Šahy‐Zvolen‐Banská
or direction Fiľakovo‐Lučenec‐Hriňová‐Brezno
‐ from Poland, direction Žilina‐Martin‐Banská
or direction Poprad‐Kráľova Lehota‐Čertovica‐
‐ from Ukraine, direction Košice‐Brezno

Dear sport friends!

I shall be very pleased to have opportunity to invite
you into our beautiful region in the middle of
Slovakia, which is now more than ten years
important centre of the biathlon sport. The Biathlon
Area in Osrblie was the scene of the IBU Biathlon
European Biatlon Cups, IBU Biathlon World Cups,
Juniors Biathlon World Championships, Biathlon
World Championships´97 a twice Summer Biathlon
World Championships.
In the past the Organising Committee Brezno ‐
Osrblie brought many progressive impulses for
development and grow and popularity growth of
the biathlon sport in the world. Our priorities are
above all the athletes and team staff. We
endeavour to create the best sporting and social
condition for them.
Already today I can promise you together with the
organising committee and with all our cooperating
colleagues that we will do best for successful and
undisturbed course of IBU Cup 6 in the season
2008/2009. I am convinced we will do everything so
as to prepare such conditions for the athletes, that
they will be able to present their superior skill
under best conditions.
I would like to invite you warmly once again to us to
Brezno ‐ Osrblie and allow me to say: I hope to see
you soon.
Dr. Juraj